International Field Epidemiology Training Program-Thailand


Introductory Course on Field Epidemiology and Biostatistics
8 June - 3 July 2020
at Epidemiology Division, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok Thailand

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  1. Agenda 2020

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1st Year Trainee
  Week 1 on 8 - 12 June : Define problem(Dr.Pantila)
  1. Interested topic in Field Epidemiology: COVID-19 (Dr.Chawetsan)Course Evaluation   PDF
  2. Introduction to Field Epidemiology (Dr.Wiwat)Course Evaluation   PDF

  3. Principle of Public Health Surveillance and Application (Dr.Pawinee)Course Evaluation   PDF
  4. Quantitative Measures1:Frequency (Dr.Natthaprang)Course Evaluation   PDF

  5. Animal Health Surveillance (Dr.Sith)Course Evaluation   PDF
  6. Exercise on Setting up Surveillance: Brucellosis (Dr.Pantila)Course Evaluation  

  7. Surveillance Evaluation (Dr.Thanawadee)Course Evaluation   PDF
  8. Exercise: Surveillance Evaluation (Dr. Thanawadee)Course Evaluation  

  9. Thailand Health Care System (Dr.Woranan,Dr.Arnond)Course Evaluation   PDF
  10. Applications of Outbreak Investigation in animal disease (Dr.Karoon, Dr.Paisin)Course Evaluation  PPT   PDF
  Week 2 on 15 - 19 June
  1. Outbreak Investigation (Dr. Thanit)Course Evaluation   PDF
  2. Exercise: Outbreak Investigation (Dr. Thanit)Course Evaluation  

  3. Overview of Study Design & Descriptive Study (Dr. Lakkana)   PPT
  4. Cross-sectional Study and Ecological Study (Dr. Lakkana)   PPT

  5. Experimental Study (Dr. Lakkana)   Zip
  6. Case-control (Dr. Lakkana)   CaseControl zip X sectional zip
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