International Field Epidemiology Training Program-Thailand
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The GHSA Meeting on the Progress & Ways forward
for the Regional Strategic Frameworks in Animal & Human Health on Workforce Development

13th-15th March 2019 , Arnoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

-. Press Release GHSA Workforce Meeting

-. Executive Summary the GHSA Workforce Meeting & Workshop

    Meeting Documents:

-. Proceedings of the meeting

-. 1. Concept Note for the GHSA Workforce Meeting & Workshop (13-15 Mar 2019)

-. 2. Agenda GHSA workforce meeting & workshop

-. 3. Participant list GHSA workforce meeting

-. 4. Logistic info GHSA workforce meeting (13-15 Mar 2019)

    Reference Documents

-. 1. GHSA Workforce Action Package

-. 2. The GHSA Regional Strategic Framework for Public Health

-. 3. Regional Strategic Framework for Veterinary Epidemiology Capacity Development and Networking in ASEAN

-. 4. The GHSA 4-year workplan

-. 5. Summary of the GHSA meeting 4-year workplan

-. 6. Summary of the GHSA Detect 1 and Detect 5 meeting (2018)

        Day 1 Wednesday 13th March 2019

  - Overview of the GHSA, Action Packages and Workforce Development, GHSA 2024 By Dr. Mark W. J. van Passel

  - 1.2. Joint External Evaluation on Workforce Development By Dr. Reuben Samuel
      WPRO FETP GHSA meeting Bangkok
      SEARO JEE and SPAR IHRonHR for Health Security

  - 1.3. Outcome of GHSA National Laboratory System Detect 1 meeting in Jan 2019 By Dr. Noppavan Janejai

  - 2.1. Experiences of Malaysia in Strategy 1: Strengthen sustainable public health institutions, structures and systems to support functions of epidemiology By Dr. Thilaka Chinnayah

  - 2.2. Experiences of China in Strategy 2: Expand the regional and national networks to promote collaboration and maximize efficient and sustainable uses of available resources
      -. By Dr. Wei Xinjie
      -. By Dr. Lijie Zhang

      -. 2.3. Experiences of Thailand in Strategy 3: Expedite building field epidemiology capacity under Public v/s Human One Health approach By Dr. Phanthanee Thitichai

  - 2.4. Experiences of Cambodia in Strategy 4: Enhance and promote in utilizing public health information for evidence-based decision making and resource mobilization at regional and national levels (rubella outbreak) By Dr. Ly Sovann

  - Keynote Speech By Dr. Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai

  - 4.1. Presentations of progress on workforce development (information compiled from the survey distributed prior to the meeting) By Dr. Khemmapat Boonyo

  - 4.2. Regional Strategic Framework for Public Health Workforce Development and Systems Strengthening on Epidemiology (2016-2020) By Dr. Khanchit Limpakarnjanarat

  - 4.3. Group Discussion to Identify Challenges & Actions to Overcome Challenges
      Group 1
      Group 2

        Day 2 Thursday 14th March 2019

  - Workforce Development Action PackagecModerator By Dr. Chawetsan Namwat

  - 5.1. Introduction on Workforce Development Action Package Workforce Development Action Package (2014-2018) By Dr. Chawetsan Namwat

  - 5.3. Panel Discussion on the Workforce Development Action Package for 2020-2024 Presentations on Results from Group Discussion, Session V
      Group 1
      Group 2

        Day 3 Thursday 15th March 2019

  - 7.1. Panel Discussion on GHSA Collaboration
      -. FETP Enterprise by Dr. Henry (Kip) Baggett

  - 7.1. Panel Discussion on GHSA Collaboration
      -. Field Epidemiology Training Network By Dr. Kumnuan Ungchusak

  - 7.1. Panel Discussion on GHSA Collaboration
      -. Epi mapping tool By Dr. Frank Pumipuntu

  - 7.1. Panel Discussion on GHSA Collaboration
      -. 4-way linkage, National IHR and PVS Pathway Bridging Workshop By Dr. Pennapa Matayompong

  - 7.1. Panel Discussion on GHSA Collaboration
      -. One Health collaboration By Dr. Vipat Kuruchittham


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